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Fraternities and Sororities at Kansas State

Fraternities & Sororities
4 K-State Student Union
918 N. 17th Street
Manhattan, KS 66506

Jeremy Campbell, IFC President

Olivia Madderom, PHC President

Fraternity and Sorority Mission

The Fraternity and Sorority community is dedicated to the personal and professional development of members through a wide range of activities and experiences. We are committed to promoting life-long involvement in individual organizations, as well as our collective community to positively impact the lives of both undergraduate and alumni members while building and maintaining a fraternity and sorority community worthy enough to serve the University and the people of Manhattan.

IFC Fraternity Recruitment

How do I join, you ask? The recruitment process for IFC fraternities (independent student organizations) is an informal, year-round process. Chapters are already recruiting for the spring 2018 and fall 2018 semesters. Register for the database below, which gives your contact and involvement information to all chapter recruitment chairmen. If you are interested in specific chapters, consider reaching out to their recruitment chairmen through email or text. From there, you may be asked to visit with chapter members, attend a spring recruitment event, or have dinner with the men if or when they visit your hometown. All IFC recruitment should be alcohol-free. If you have questions about your recruitment experience or what your next step should be, contact IFC Director of Recruitment Mark McDermed

If you have recently received a bid from one of the 26 IFC fraternities, congratulations! Throughout this spring and summer, recruitment chairmen will be extending invitations to join their fraternity. This invitation is often called a bid and may be verbally extended or in a written communication (email, letter, etc.). The chapter will provide a bid card with your name on it, ensuring your spot in their chapter for the fall semester. This is what binds you to their chapter and is an official document. Chapters with facilities may also give you a housing contract to complete.

The Interfraternity Council will open up an electronic bid form on August 1. This form will be completed by all new members to ensure that grade reports can be created, as well as fraternity membership rosters. Because this form requires your Wildcat ID number and access to the K-State system, which you will receive after summer orientation and enrollment, you will sign it shortly before the fall semester begins.  

Fraternity Recruitment Registration

The fraternity recruitment database, Chapter Builder, allows all fraternities to see your information and interest in fraternity recruitment. Register here. 

Other Fraternity Recruitment Resources