The University's affiliation with Pershing Rifles dates back to before World War II. From 1931 to 1965 enrollment in ROTC was compulsory for all male students at Kansas State due to state law. Company G-7 provided those ROTC students interested in developing a higher level of leadership, military bearing, community service and discipline a way to do so. Among its many honors, Company G-7 has served as Honor Guard to servicemen whose remainswere returned to Kansas immediately following World War II. The Company also served as the escort to President Dwight D. Eisenhower upon his return to his home state of Kansas. The Kansas State Pershing Rifles were the first student organization on campus to integrate black students into their ranks with the membership of Cadet Robert Thompson in 1949. Company G-7 gained national recognition and notoriety for the University after winning the 1969 Exhibition Drill National Championship.

After the Kansas state legislature repealed the compulsory ROTC enrollment law, ROTC courses became an elective for interested students. Mandatory enrollment in Army ROTC for freshmen and sophomores was officially dropped during the 1965-66 school year. The impact of elective Army ROTC resulted in a steady decline in ROTC enrollment and participants decreased from 1,300 Cadets in 1965 to 135 Cadets in 1973; to support the all-volunteer Army of the post-Vietnam era. During the 1970s, membership numbers in Pershing Rifles also declined due to the Vietnam anti-war movement on campuses across the nation including here at Kansas State. The unjust treatment of Cadets and disrespect for military personnel coupled with a lack of interest in military service eventually led to Company G-7 being dissolved on campus.

Over the last year, several key Kansas State alumni have led an effort to re-establish Pershing Rifle's presence on campus. ROTC Cadets and non-ROTC students have embraced the proud traditions and legacy of Company G-7 and this re-activation effort. When asked what makes the Pershing Rifles unique from other Student Organizations, Army ROTC Cadet Anthony Magallanes said "Pershing Rifles offers a unique family that exists amongst all branches of the military and includes our brothers and sisters in the civilian community." This fraternal aspect of Company G-7 has driven the resurgence of the society within the Army and Air Force ROTC programs as well as with non-Cadet students who have joined Company G-7.

During their recent spring break, a detachment of four Company G-7 Pershing Rifle pledges and their faculty advisor traveled to Florida State University to participate in the Society's national convention. After several days of intense testing of their mental, physical, tactical, and leadership acumen; the Society's legislative body voted to re-activate Company G-7 at Kansas State. On March 19th, Company G-7 of the National Society of Pershing Rifles returned to Kansas State with an official membership of 21 students ranking as one of the largest Companies within the Society. Company G-7 has set its long term goals to continue its expansion, return the Pershing Rifle Exhibition Drill National Championship trophy to Kansas State, and to become the premiere Company within the Society.

1960's G7 pledge Class Training 1960's G7 Company Drill routine Members of G7 perform at the Military Order of the World Wars Ceremony in 2010 NATCON 2010: Members of the 1969 champtionship team with the first 4 new members of the re-born G7